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Experience the thrill of an escape room from the comfort of your home with our Family Secrets series.

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Escape mail?

This 12-episode adventure offers a continuous storyline that unfolds with each game, perfect for 1-4 players aged 10 and up. Each episode, lasting 1-2 hours, immerses you in a quest to uncover hidden family treasures guided by your long-lost cousin JJ. You'll receive mysterious letters, photos, videos, and website clues to solve puzzles and advance the narrative. An exciting, interactive journey that combines the best elements of books, TV shows, and escape rooms.

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Los Angeles, CA

"Every episode really hooks you, and you want to continue on to the next one!"

Escape the Roomers

"I'm wildly impressed by this, and cannot wait for the next one"


"This was one more thing we could do over video calls, to stay connected, stay in touch"

Kerry Ann

"I couldn't wait, I opened it at the mailbox"


"If you like escape games like we do in my home, this is the coolest game, it's like getting an excape room declivered to your house"


"It was just fabulous!"

Escape in the comfort of your home

The award-winning, story-based puzzle adventure you can play from home, for anyone who wants to step outside the hustle-and-bustle of everyday life.
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