We believe that inside of everyone is a genius. A burgeoning artist. A brilliant scientist.

A person with a divine wonder that no one else in the world could ever have.

This wonder has always loved to create, think, and solve problems. As children, we are wonderfully capable of seeing the world with a fresh perspective and suggesting strikingly simple solutions. Children are also great at having fun.

But as we age, many of us find ourselves dulled by monotony and inhibited by patterns of lifeless routine. We are confined by our perceptions and adopt biases that taint our ability to think at our highest capacity. And worse, our fears divide us, creating barriers that inhibit our ability to work together.

Mobile Escape exists to wake dulled senses: to see, hear, and feel again. We bring people together to think differently about the world around them and to simply have fun.

meet the founders

Eric reynolds

Eric Reynolds is a Co-founder of Mobile Escape. Prior to starting Mobile Escape, Eric worked at one of British Columbia’s top PR and Marketing firms on projects for brands like LEGO, La-Z-Boy, Spence Diamonds, and others. Now, with business partner Paul Harvey, Eric has grown Mobile Escape to be one of the most innovative escape room companies in Canada. Mobile Escape has serviced hundreds of thousands of guests in their Mobile Units with an emphasis on education and the goal to #awakenwonder. In addition to their Mobile Escape rooms, Eric's company innovated a new genre of escape puzzles called Tabletop Escape Games. When COVID hit their business, they reinvented themselves to develop the award-winning Escape Mail, which has expanded rapidly across Canada, most of the US, and over a dozen countries. Eric is delighted to use his MBA and design thinking to create experiences for tens of thousands of Escape Mailers and puzzle solvers worldwide.

meet the founderS


Paul Co-founded Mobile Escape with the vision of creating a sustainable business that was intrinsically beneficial to the communities it served. Paul did not thrive in a traditional classroom - he was the kid that had a hard time sitting down and being quiet long enough to read two sentences without staring off into space or talking with his neighbour. That was why Paul helped start Mobile Escape with a focus on schools; he has a desire to see students like himself thrive in a unique learning environment and discover, not how smart they are, but how they are smart. Paul graduated from Ambrose University in Calgary, Alberta with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a minor in International Development. Paul applies his creative nature to the business by helping create each one of Mobile Escape’s original puzzles, as well as financial know-how and passion for sustainable development.

Escape Mail is an award-winning story-based mail escape room movement designed to bring the wonder, excitement and mystery of brilliant puzzles into your everyday.

Meticulously planned and brilliantly executed, every episode of the Escape Mail flagship mail game contains a perfect variety of thoughtfully-designed puzzles suitable for the whole family, friends, date night and even solo missions.

Created by Eric Reynolds and Paul Harvey, Escape Mail grew with the vision of creating a sustainable business that was intrinsically beneficial to the communities it served. With their goal to #awakenwonder, Escape Mail has become a global sensation that is redefining what it means to ‘go out’ for an experience that you can share with friends and family in the comfort of your home

lets start from

The Beginning

Our roots have always been in education.

Both Paul and Eric envision a learning environment that supports multiple learning styles, where students are engaged, active, and working together.

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It wasn’t long before people started to notice, and the requests came in from all kinds of industries: “We want one.”

Using the escape room genre as a reference point, we’ve created all kinds of games for many different organizations.

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Overnight, we witnessed the entirety of our school-based business evaporate. It was time to either give up on the dream or figure something out.

One week later we had a prototype of Season 1 Episode 1 of Escape Mail and a month later, it was flying off the shelf.

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