Season 1

Episode 5 Hints

puzzle 1 - borrowing card

Is your brain twisted all in knots? Look at the names, and note the ink spots. The borrowers of this book return it late, do you see the differences between each date?

The ink spots will note a word in each name, telling you how to play this game. Look as well at the date returned, the last in the sequence is the code, you’ll have learned.

Note the ink spots isolate words that are relevant such as "St. Art" which represents "START". Reading the words all the way down, you get "Start by turning two times to the left stop at". There is a circled empty spot at the bottom that needs a number. The numerical difference between the Date Due and the Date Returned increases by 1 each time and the last difference is 15. Solution therefore is “15”.

puzzle 2 - don quixote text

Don Quixote was no fan of multiplication, but you’ll use it here with each highlighted location.

Multiply row number and word number of each highlighted term, do it for each one correctly to discern: Math is not the end of this tale, as you need to follow the text that’s in Braille.

Start by multiplying the row number by the word's position in that line of each highlighted word. For example, the word "Luis" is on line five and it is the fifth word in the line: 5x5. Do this to each word, and if you add all even numbers and subtract all odd numbers (like the braille instructs) you get: 20+10+14+20-9-27-3-25="0”. The page also tells you to rotate the dial clockwise.

puzzle 3 - picture pages

Going for the gold? Take the corner, and then make a fold.

You’ll use some text on one side and then on the other, fold at the corner for a message to uncover.

If you fold over the corner of page 64 onto page 63 you change the message that's currently on Page 63 to read as follows: Turn counter clockwise halfway to twenty one

puzzle 4a - book spines and table of contents

This one is tricky, but don’t lose heart. The photo of the books is a good place to start. Observe in the photo, on the spine of each book, the number and the dot is where you should look. Find the right dot in the Table of Contents to bring a little clarity to a lot of nonsense.

Each famous author will show you the correct dot, if you can only correspond a dot with that spot. One figure per dot is indicated, the correct dot is the one you've isolated. That figure will match a related phrase from the drawing, at the next step your hand will be pawing.

To solve this puzzle you must make a series of connections. First, you must connect the photo of the books (which you receive from JJ after opening the safe) with the table of contents. Regular difficulty includes the author's names in the Table of Contents under each book title, but Hard difficulty must make this connection by Googling which author wrote which book. There are more books on the shelf in the photo than there are titles in the Table of Contents section. Notice on the book spines how there is a number and a dot on each spine. Also notice how there are dots next to the table of contents. Dostoevsky is Dot 3, which has the "Figure X" next to it. This is the first part of the clue for Puzzle 4. The remaining information you need to solve Puzzle 4 and open the cryptex can be found below in 4.B.

The rest of the authors are as follows:

Homer: Dot 4 (Figure V) Milton: Dot 2 (Figure XIII) Chaucer: Dot 3 (Figure VII) Machiavelli: Dot 5 (Figure IX) Tzu: Dot 3 (Figure XI)

PUZZLE 4b - chapter 5 page and alignment

Match the figures to the phrases, align them correctly, and you’ll see what the way is.

The cryptex needs a specific right answer, so arrange your phrases with the grace of a dancer. The figures from the sketch will match a specific saying, write them on the line, much attention you’ll be paying. Page 96 denotes a specific letter, ensure that it’s aligned, and you’ll be doing better.

Figure X = "by hook or by crook", and the 1st letter in that phrase is "B". Figure V = "cop a mouse", and the 7th letter in that phrase is "U". Figure XIII = "under the weather", and the 5th letter in that phrase is "R". Figure VII = "seeing snakes", and the 4th letter in that phrase is "I". Figure IX = "an axe to grind", and the 5th letter in that phrase is "E". Figure XI = "hard looking ticket", and the 4th letter in that phrase is "D". Enter BURIED into the Cryptex

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