Season 1

Episode 4 Hints

puzzle 1 - bold letters

Can you not already tell? The bold letters - a message they spell.

Write down each bold letter and find something more. It will tell you a secret for the quote on page four.

“Sound out the first word of each line of the quote on page four"

puzzle 2 - page four

Now look closer at what is not there. Perhaps a light source will make you aware.

Look through page four to start doing better. Punch a hole in the boarding pass on the right letter.

Page four and five, plus some light, tell you which hole punch is right. Now with the boarding pass properly aligned, two numbers are revealed before your eyes.

Put the boarding pass, with holes punched above the two "L"s on top of the photo page of the passport. Align the thin lines at the top of the boarding pass with the thin lines at the top of the photo page and you should see 2 - #### - 6.

puzzle 3 - barcodes

If you fancy yourself a sage, you’ll find a piece of me on each page.

Like pages of a book, fan the passport slightly. You’ll see four numbers if you hold it tightly.


puzzle 4 - mad gab

If you need a little hint, don’t be too proud - all you must do is read certain words aloud!

Take the first word of each line, and say it clearly. A new sound will form, resembling its nearly.

"Remove the staples and assemble the map."

PUZZLE 5 - stamps and map

Assemble the map, and remove all the staples. It’s time for you to turn the tables. Hans Nilsen made many stops. Within each continent, connect the dots.

You will see that colors are very important. Chronological order will be your informant. Only four continents will be lettered or numbered. Go clockwise on the envelope, or else be encumbered.

Notice that the locations labeled on the map in the passport match the visa stamps. If you connect the dots between the locations that share the same colour stamps (same continent) in the order of the date traveled, you will see either a letter or number appear. The order these are entered into the Safety Deposit Box can be seen by looking at the sticker on the envelope. Africa = 7, Europe = 3, South America = C, Asia = Z. To see the map drawn out, click here.

PUZZLE 6 - perspective

Trick your eyes and see anew, look at the page while it’s quite askew.

If it’s the password you’re trying to wrangle, hold up the passport and view from an angle.

When you hold the passport open to page 17, flip it upside down, and view it on an extreme angle, you see the words "bird name backwards". The featured bird in the passport is a raven so your password is: "NEVAR".

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