Season 1

Episode 3 Hints


The total number of sides is where the digit hides.

The triangle equals three.

Circle and Rectangle equals five.

Count the total number of sides on the shape(s) within each shaded character to reveal digits 0 through 9. Here is a link to the decoded number system.


Perspective is key.
Pretend you are just 1 inch tall, and you will see.

Take a look through the main front door.
Inside, you'll see there are two more.
Left then right - two digits you will score.

Look through the main door on the north side of the game board. You’ll be able to see two symbols through the two smaller doors: one on the left and one on the right. Use those numbers in that order.
The solution is 1 3. To see a photo of what this looks like, click here.

Use 1 and 3 as the first two digits in the GPS decoder. See here for an example. Once you've also entered the solution for Myth #2 you can check your answer for this pairing by clicking the red button to the left of these four digits.

Click here for an example of how/where to enter these two digits.


All five totems have a human and an animal.
Some show their teeth - have you counted them all?

Each of the two horses bares three teeth, for a total of six.
Now count the others - there are no tricks.

Count all the teeth shown on the humans and animals on the five totems for a total of 28See here for an example.

Enter 2 8 into the GPS Decoder like this.


Bird above and snake below,
an arrow and a digit align just so.

The bird totem was perched on the platform above the snake totem - this I know.
East then west, what do the numbers show?

Place the bird totem on the ledge above the snake totem. Make them both face to the west - You’ll see that the snake has arrows that point to the number 9. Then turn them both to face the east and the arrow points to the number 4.

To see a photo of the solution, click here.

Enter 9 4 into the GPS Decoder like this.


It reminds me of chess,
and blank spaces are useless.

The horse moves like a knight to complete the equation.
First you'll use multiplication and then subtraction.
Stop on the equals sign - that's quite the abstraction!

When the Horse (Knight) stands at (antler,mountain) it is on a blank space. Where should it go next? We know from the Small Hint that blank spaces are useless. So there are only two options: both are equal to 9. If the Knight goes to (tent,fire) there are no paths that lead to a mathematical symbol, so you're first digit is the 9 at (tent, tooth). From there, the only mathematical symbol is multiplication at (butterfly,river). From this point there are a few valid options - but if you notice the last remaining mathematical symbol (minus) there is only one path to get there and that is to go to the 7 (snail,comb) and then to the minus (butterfly,hand). We know from the Big Hint we need to get to the equals, so that leaves us with a stop at 3 (sun,wheel) and finally equals (feather,comb). After your journey you should have collected the following equation: 9 x 7 - 3 = 6 0

Enter 6 0 into the GPS Decoder


The crocodile totem must have been hollowed,
for the fish totem was swallowed.

Place the fish totem inside the crocodile,
and align the smile.
On the back, two digits were partially concealed,
but have now been revealed.

Place the fish totem inside the crocodile totem.
Align the two totems so that digits from the fish totem are revealed through the windows of the crocodile totem to reveal two new digits (5 8). To see a photo of the solutionclick here.


Along the walls are markings of hay, a mouse, and seeds,
each a source of food to meet the spirits' needs.

Three totems on the floor, each looking to their source of food.
Digits where their sightlines cross, you'll need to seclude.

Put the snake totem at Diamond-Hand facing towards its food (the mouse);
Put the bird totem at Snail-Tooth facing its food (the seeds);
Put the horse at Sun-Fire facing its food (the hay).

Their eyes will intersect at two tiles on the floor 1 and 6. Use those values in the GPS decoder. To see a photo of the solution click here.


On the upper floor of the temple, the flowers are divine,
Where the flowers grow, must be a sign.

There is only one tile with two yellow flowers near it,
and only one tile with a single blue flower for the mysterious bird to sit.

Look at the tiles on the upper floor of the temple. There is a tile with two yellow flowers (7) and a tile with a singular blue flower (9). Enter those two digits into the GPS decoder.


The sun sets in the west - it's always been this way,
And above the hayfields? On the west wall there is hay.

Your phone has a light that will serve as the sun,
hold it above the hay to have some fun.
Placing the horse at Antler-River will help a ton.

Put the crocodile totem at Antler-River. The myth references the sun setting over hayfields, which means you'll need to hold a flashlight (the sun) above the hay symbol on the western wall to cast a shadow. Its shadow will cast over two digits on the ground 4 and 3.
To see a photo of the solution click here.


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