Season 1

Episode 1 Hints

puzzle 1 - jj's letter

Skip ahead you will not dare,
it’s important that you read with care.

If you don’t cry, whine, or shout,
certain words will stand out.

In JJ’s writing you will find,
certain words are underlined.

If you read the letter from JJ carefully you will notice that there are 6 words underlined. Read those words alone and the message says"cut the coins and compass out". This is where you're going to need those scissors. Cut all three pieces out, being sure to cut around the various tabs. See here for an example.

puzzle 2 - compass

The three pieces of your map should now take shape,
Assemble them using a bit of tape.

Now's not the time to sleep or nap,
place the compass on the pirate’s map!

If it seems that there will be no end,
the map’s title will be your friend.

Not certain that you’re feeling fine?
Align the prongs of the compass to 8, 7, 8, 3, then 9.
Note the south point of the compass has a gap,
a corresponding letter is seen on the map.

Assemble the 3 map peices using a bit of tape and place the compass on the map over top of the compass area.
Next, note that the title of the map is 8 7 8 3 9. If you align the prongs of the compass to these 5 digits and record the corresponding letter seen through the gap cut out of the southern tip off the compass you will find that8=E, 7=V, 8=E, 3=R, 9=Y to spell “EVERY”. This becomes the first word in a three word phrase required to advance. See here for a visual demonstration.

puzzle 3 - coin & pendant

Observe the details under your snout,
it’s on the page where you cut them out.

One on top of the other,
with the big one under,
will reveal a number.

Your skull and crossbones will align,
pointing to the number 9.

Place the smaller pendant on top of the larger coin with the skull and crossbones oriented in the same direction. You will notice that the tip on the smaller pendant points to"9th"on the larger coin. See here for an example. This is the second word in the three word phrase that you will need in order to advance.

puzzle 4 - envelope

You are clever! Smart and sly!
There's more to the envelope than meets the eye.

Flap closed,
red markings transposed

In order to get it right,
you’ll need to shed some light

If you hold the envelope up to the light with the flap closed you'll see that the red markings reveal the word"LETTER"Click here to see an example. This is the third word, in the three word phrase that you will need in order to advance.


Before trying to decipher JJ's ways, make sure you've found a hidden three-word phrase,
otherwise cracking this manifest would take you days.

Compass, coins, and envelope combine to say,
the way in which you’ll count today.

If you want to solve this better,
then you’ll spell a phrase with every ninth letter.

Counting nine letters starting from the red arrow,
E is the first letter you'll record to become a hero.
Being sure toskip numbers,
will do you wonders.

If you combine the answers from the Map and Compass puzzle (Every) and the coins puzzle (9th) and the envelope puzzle (letter), you get the phrase: "every ninth letter". If you carefully comb through the Shippings Manifest counting every ninth letter (skipping numbers) you will get the following instructions: "Email me at".
click here to see a picture of the solution.

Now go ahead and send your cousin JJ a quick email - he is incredibly quick to reply ;)


JJ's email included a translation.
Your encrypted message shows a correlation.

Letter by letter a message will be revealed.
Your next set of instructions is what it will yield.

JJ has provided you with a website to visit,
but without the last five characters it isn't much help, is it?
The next thing you'll need to know is the starting location.
Solving the scrap of fabric now will help avoid frustration.

JJ's email included an attachment with a translation key to the encrpted message you received. Once translated it will read:

Twenty fathoms from starting location
Mark the letters as you go
From there, half that distance
Half again
Half one more time _ _ _ _

To see a solved version of the encrypted message [click here]. *NOTE - depending on your edition and difficulty this image may look slightly different than what you have.


A crease from dot to dot,
reveals the starting spot.

Notice the dots up each side?
Fold the fabric between dots, and some markings hide.
All that's left is the correct parts,
and this reveals where the journey starts.

Like an accordion - fold me four times between the dots,
and you’ll discover that you have revealed lots.

Connect the dots with creases folding it 4 times, like an accordion or staircase. Lay it flat and you can see the words"Monkeys Bay". To see a photo of the solution,click here.


Have sucessfully decoded the encrpyted instruction?
Have you folded the fabric to reveal your starting location?
If not, playing with the map and twine,
will be a complete waste of time.

Do you recall that JJ's email mentioned something about the string?
Knowing it's length is a very helpful thing.
Notice the folded fabric mentioned Monkeys Bay?
That's your starting location - now be on your way.

Start with the tip of the twine on the dot at Monkays Bay,
As the crow flys, there is only one other dot 20 fathoms away.
But before you get ahead -
Do as the instructions said,
and note letters that are marked, by arrows that are red.

If your second location is Little Village, you have done as you were told.
Now to go half that distance from there, your twine you must fold.

A new location to be seen?
Ah yes, in the fields of green.

Half again - that means, just 5 fathoms you say?
Okay, that puts you in a scary bay!

Half one more time - that's a very short final trip.
In these dark marshes, you will not need a ship.

At each of the five locations you have noted one letter.
Now the website JJ mentioned will work much better.

Using the decoded message you will need to follow the instructions carefully:

Twenty fathoms from starting location
JJ's email to you mentions that the twine you received is 20 fathoms long, but you still need to know the starting location. By folding the fabric correctly it reveals the clue "Monkeys Bay". Find Monkeys Bay on the map and hold one tip of the twine on the dot at Monkeys Bay. There is only one other location on the map that is 20 fathoms away, which is Little Village.

Mark the letters as you go
Note that there is a red arrow pointing to the "M" of Monkeys Bay, and the "A" in Little Village. These are the first two letters of a 5-letter word that will complete the URL.

From there, half that distance
The second leg of the journey is half the distance (10 fathoms) from Little Village. Simply folding the twine in half is the best way to measure half that distance. The only location on the map that is 10 fathoms from Little Village is Greenfild. Note the red arrow pointing to the "G" - this is your third letter.

Half again
Folding the twine in half again (5 fathoms), there is only one location that is 5 fathoms from Greenfield, which is Pirate's Bay. Note the red arrow pointing to the "I". This is the fourth letter.

Half one more time
Folding the twine in half one last time (2.5 fathoms), there is only one possible location, which is Black Marshes. Note the red arrow pointing to the "C". This is the final letter needed. _ _ _ _
The five letters discovered along the way spell MAGIC.

Finally, visit to meet your long lost cousin, JJ Fitzpatrick, and to find out what happens next!

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